Watching Your Demons Become Angels

There are days and weeks and months where it seems adversity has a bloodlust with your name on it.

Just when you have it all pulled together, someone gets your goat, triggers your traumas, and knocks you flat on your back in discouragement and defeat.

Halfway back up to your feet, it happens again and you lay broken in some obsolete alley of life, wondering why the hell the universe is such a jackass. Or why you’re surrounded by jackasses.

Or why you’re such a jackass.

Why be born into this world with you specific set of nuisances and tendencies and gifts, only to be chewed up, spit out, and left to loathe your own existence?

I’ll tell you why.

You might not like the answer. Or maybe you’ll love it . . .

All of that adversity and discouragement is a gift of love. It’s all a powerful determiner in making you everything you can be.

Without the fire, you’d be a dull blade.

Without emotional triggers, your wounds would never heal and you wouldn’t have an opportunity to face and transcend your self-limitations.

Without wanting to die from time to time, how would you ever figure out that which absolutely must change in order to preserve your life?

So, be vigilant in facing your demons. Watch them become angels. Realize, they may have been angels in disguise all this time.

Rest when you need to. Recharge your batteries. Protect yourself from adversity when necessary.

But a lifestyle of hiding is a life of stunted development. A life in hiding is a life of depriving yourself of your own potential and cutting the world off from your light.

You’re invited to be a trial embracer, and dwell forever in the company of kings and legends.

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