We Must Break the Cycle of Violence

We must not respond to violence with violence.

I mean, of course it’s an option.

But it only feeds into the cycle. A very archaic cycle that’s ready to meet its end.

I heard someone say today that it’s noble to be violent against the symbol of a dangerous ideology.

Here’s the beef with that. First of all, there are others sworn to that same ideology, and who already show proclivities towards violence before you run around punching their people in the head and telling them that they have no right to live.

Are you going to kill them all?

Then what do you think happens? Peace on Earth?

Maybe temporarily, but it’s not really peace. It’s just silence. There’s a difference.

Others will rise up to replace the decimated. Their children will claim vengeance on your children.

And this fighting will go on forever, unless we change up our dance moves.

By default, violence begets violence. This is proven when you, no matter how noble your cause, respond to human violence with yet more violence.

If violence begets violence, then why do you think your violence will be some magical exception?

History has proven that an ideology cannot be wiped out through bloodshed.

In fact, an ideology can never die. It can only be transformed through insight, wisdom, and self-reflection.

The real weapon to use here is not your fists.

It’s your heart. It’s your brain. It’s your creativity and problem-solving prowess. It’s your empathy. It’s your understanding. It’s your love and compassion. None of these things are an endorsement of the views you stand against, but yet they are the impetus for contributing to the transformation of that which you detest.

Light does not destroy darkness, my friends. Light fills the darkness up. Light reveals the true contents of what was formerly concealed. Light gives the darkness context and purpose, and allows us to navigate that which was previously non-passable.

I know some people who disagree with me ardently on these points. One of the sweetest people I know wants to line all the Nazis up and unleash the kraken.

That’s OK. I am fine with you disagreeing with me. But let’s talk about this. Let’s listen to each other. Let’s go deep in ourselves. Let’s compare logical points and aspire to set aside our emotions for long enough to come up with a plan for sustainable peace.

If you think violence is the answer, then convince me. But in order to do that, you’ll need to listen to what I am saying and deconstruct my logic. Then you’ll need to replace my logic with more sound logic. I can smell someone who isn’t listening from a mile away. The scent is very reminiscent of bull feces.

After all this, I still haven’t presented a clear and specific solution. But I will. Give me some time to form the optimal words, please. In the meantime, be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes.

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