When the Government Shuts Down, We Still Soar

The US Government may once again face temporary shut down with the Republicans and Democrats in an ideological freeze-state.

Here’s my promise to you, though. The peaceful revolution that is now building within our hearts and minds and the work done by our hands, cannot shut be shut down.

While the Government stalls, we work.

Where the current paradigm locks up, the new paradigm opens and blooms.

The new is not at odds with the old.

We are not here to commandeer, strike down, threaten, or paralyze.

We are here to empower all, to unify with all, to nourish all.

One of the core reasons that the Government freezes, is because contrasting forces are vying for power. Power for themselves.

The HICKS/YOU 2020 movement seeks not power for one, but empowerment for all.

The tension of contrasting forces will gradually and ultimately dissipate, because that tension is fueled by both sides claiming absolute and exclusive righteousness on their behalves. That tension can not survive the relinquishment of this thirst for dominance.

Love does not dominate. Love unifies.

With love, we can build bridges between seemingly-disparate perspectives.

With love, we can align the Right and the Left.

An eagle needs two wings to soar.

For long enough, America has relied on one wing at a time for flight.

While claiming that we are all about unity, we have lived in division.

We have let our supposed differences lock us into power struggles in which there can be no winner.

Because the truth is, if one of us loses, we all lose.

The path ahead leads to a future where everyone wins together.

Because that is the world that we have the capability and unified power to build, side-by-side, hand-in-hand.

In the meantime, the Government will do what the Government does.

Be at peace with this.

Do not let the spectacle and negativity drag you down.

For you have a purpose. You can move swiftly through the night, while those in power lock horns.

You can do what they cannot.

Because you, my friends, are unencumbered by their outdated and rigid notions of what it means to lead and govern.

You have a heart, mind, and soul. You are the governor and caretaker of your energies. So, govern them well.

I have no desire to be your dictator. All I want, is to hold a torch that lights a dark room inside of you. In that room, are the keys to your kingdom.

Your kingdom is your life. Your kingdom is your hope. Your kingdom is your future.

I will protect your kingdom from attack.

I will protect your enemies’ kingdoms from you.

I will strike none down, for that is not the way forward.

Together, right now, let us walk the new way.

No matter what happens next within the Government, we will continue to grow into love, into peace, into harmony.

When the current forces collapse in exhaustion from their own ineptitude, we will be there to lovingly pick up the reigns.

You are all powerful, valuable, essential, and adored. I believe in you, and love you with all of my heart.

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