When to work hard, when to let go

In whatever quest you’re on in life, hard work is essential.

Hard work means showing up, doing what must be done, creating a framework and a path forward; it doesn’t necessarily mean getting calluses on your hands and selling your soul.

Yes, hard work is essential. But knowing when to let go is equally vital. Knowing when to step back and breathe. Knowing when to slow down and give the seeds you’ve planted room to grow.

It’s difficult, when you’re obsessed with your journey. When momentum has built up and you’re flying above the clouds, and it feels wonderful to be moving forward. Obsession with moving forward is OK, but you need to learn how to come and go from your obsession at will.

Get obsessed with being flexible. Get obsessed with knowing when to soar and when to rest. Get obsessed with knowing when to plant seeds, when to water them, and when to walk away and let nature do its work.

Because if all you care about is moving forward, then you’ll be disheartened when everything doesn’t fall into place as quickly as you lust for. You’ll end up slowing down because you’re tired and burned out, rather than by conscious choice.

It’s better by choice, isn’t?

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