Positive vibes all up in my space
Army of lovers sworn to keep me alive
Manifesting dreams and world changing schemes
Being held up by a legion of angels

But I, but I, but I
I cry, I cry, I cry
But I, but I, but I
Oh my, oh my, oh my

I’ve got my sight set high
Geared up to fly
I don’t take beatings from my critics
I don’t give in to the cynics

Made a flying fortress of rhetoric and ideals
Carries me forth when my payload is pay dirt
I’ve got wings on my back that soar when I sleep
This momentum can’t be stopped by any button

But I, I, I
I cry, cry, cry
Oh my, my, my
Never die, die, die

You can hear my words
You can see my deeds
You can empathize
You can watch me bleed
But you’ll never know
What it feels like to float
Above and beyond
My own threshold

Expansion in light
Oneness appetite
Bona petit
In oneness I keep

This is loneliness
Heaven sent
Eternal, persistent
This is loneliness
Only immortals can know
Your evolution is slow
Come on, catch up
Scoop me up
Take me on, tAke me in
‘Till the end
Put my head in your breast
Give me rest, give me death
Caress my tired soul
Kiss me on my throne

In wholeness

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