Why I am going to go fruit myself

Some anticipatory responses to concerns pertaining to banana feasting/Raw till 4/vegan lifestyle:

Concern 1) So, this banana feast thing. Can’t you “overdose” on potassium?

Yep. I’d have to eat 350-400 bananas in thirty seconds to overdose on potassium.

By then, I’m pretty sure I’d have more imminent problems than potassium poisoning. Like, you know, exploding…

Concern 2) How do you get enough protein on a Raw till 4 diet/banana feast?

Fruit has protein in it. Eating thirty bananas a day yields nearly fifty grams of protein.

Concern 3) How do you get calcium without dairy?

Fruits like bananas and oranges are rocking the calcium. It’s present in many vegetables.

Concern 4) Isn’t thirty bananas a day like, way too expensive?


What’s too expensive, was blowing my money on fast food and alcohol.

Aldi carries organic bananas now. I bought a rather large crate of them for 11 dollars. It’ll last for a few days, at least.

This is worlds more affordable than spending up to 40-50 dollars a night on junk food and booze.

Concern 5) Why even do this at all? What is your motivation?

Easy: I want to be healthy. My whole life it seems, I’ve played a dangerous game with excess.

Gone to extreme measures and run the gamut of eating disorders. Anorexia. Bulimia. Binge eating, like a madman.

Binge eating was probably the first method I ever learned, to cope with the world and with my own unwanted emotions. I learned it young. It sort of feels like a part of me at this point.

That’s why it was like a revelation of the mind to consider a new possibility. The possibility of continuing to eat in excess, but to do so in a way that nourishes, energizes and sustains me.

To let me be me. To let myself off the hook. To transform something ugly into something beautiful.

And ultimately, to feel comfortable in my own skin again. To take a quantum leap beyond the lethargy and depression so characteristic of my journey up to this point.

There is so much conflicting info out there. Naysayers of every variety, waiting to throw out reasons why we should or shouldn’t do things.

It can be very confusing. But it doesn’t have to be.

It gets simple when I look at it in terms of emulating the behaviors of those whose lives are aligned to that which I want for myself.

That’s why I am going to go fruit myself.