You can melt clouds with your mind (seriously)

Did you know that you can make clouds disappear with your thoughts and intentions?

Yep. You have the power to, from the surface of the earth, look up to the sky and will clouds out of existence.

I was more than slightly skeptical the first time someone told me about this.

“Just look at a cloud and use your mind to tell it to go away,” she said.

So, I did. I picked a cloud, stared it down, and in my mind said, “Please go away, cloud. I love you, but go please go away.”

Within less than a minute that cloud was gone.

Surely it wasn’t me that made it leave, right?

I tried on another cloud. Then another. And one more. Each cloud obeyed faithfully.


For weeks and months and years, the result has remained consistent.

So, try it. Pick a small, white, fluffy cloud on a clear day when the sky is blue. In your mind, ask it to leave. Visualize the blue behind the cloud. Be patient. See what happens.

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