Your Time Will Come

You sweat in the shadows
Your labor is a phantom force
You hydrate with vectors
Your muscles throb raw
You’ve climbed razor mountains
Peered down from steeple vistas
From above the clouds
You plot the future of automatons
You have the mind of a genius
The ambition of a god
Your heart pumps the blood of Christ
Your atoms radiate to the cause
You possess the eyes of the shaman
You bork the system ’till it implodes
You are the impetus of revolution
Your love is the drug we all crave
But in this point of temporal space
You are largely invisible
They see your shell in motion
Unaware of your trajectory
You’re the Savior of us all
Dressed as a beggar
Treated as a no one
Given sympathy by the blind
when they can find it in their hearts
You project a precious light
to those who think it’s the sun
You give a knowing smile
Detected by one of a thousand
You’re not in this for the money
You’re not in this for the fame
If you were, you’d be lacking
Left broken and decayed
You’re here because it’s right
You stand up because you’re true
And even if no one ever knows you
You’ll do what you came to do
I know you do not need me
To tell you that your time will come
You’ve already come to peace
with your fate of silent searching
So, I don’t mean to intrude
Don’t want to be rude
But I received a broadcast
I think it’s meant for you
It says:
Your time will come
to be seen for who you are
Your time shall come
to be embraced and taken in
Your time will come
for beauty sleep and epic rest
Your time shall come
You’ve bested every test

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